2008 Infiniti M35 Carputer Project: Parts List

As promised in my previous post, here's my parts list for my project to put a carputer into my 2008 Infiniti M35.  From what I can tell, this setup should work, and require fairly minimal effort as far as modifying the car goes. I'll still have to disassemble the dash to install the touchscreen overlay film and route the USB cable from the touchscreen overlay to the carputer, but that should be all.

Intel D945GCLF2 motherboard – $81.74 (buy.com)
One PCI slot, S-video out, and a dual core Atom 1.6Ghz.. sounds good to me.

Kingston 2GB 240-pin DDR2 667MHz RAM – $20.49 (newegg.com)
Just need a 2GB stick of memory.. nothing special required.

Western Digital 400GB My Passport USB Hard Drive – $106.99 (buy.com)
OS and media storage.. I like this better than a laptop drive because its easily removable, and is better than other external drives because it gets power over USB (no additional power required).

Globalsat BU-353 Waterproof USB GPS Receiver – $34.25 (buy.com)
Linux-compatible GPS receiver.

Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapter – $29.74 (buy.com)
I'll use this primarily for wireless sync'ing of files when the vehicle is in my garage. Since the M2-ATX lets you specify an amount of time to run after turning the vehicle off, I'll set it to run for 20-30 minutes so it can sync up any new music/video/etc from my fileserver.

iStarUSA S3 STORM with 80W power supply – $79.99 (newegg.com)
I was going to get the voompc-2 case and M2-ATX power supply, but found this great case and included power supply for half the cost instead.  As an added bonus, it comes with an external power adapter which allows testing everything in and out of the car, independently of the in-car power wiring.

7" touch screen overlay – $40.70 (dealextreme)
This will go on top of the factory display to provide touchscreen control for the carputer.

Creative USB webcam – $0.00 (already own)
I'll use this for a rearview/backup camera.

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