cron bug: silently fails when too much output is produced

Edited: I reported this issue to Debian and Christian Kastner patched it. Debian cron versions 3.0pl1-110 and higher should behave properly.

As reported in Ubuntu bug #151231 and at stackoverflow, cron jobs can fail silently when too much output is produced and an MTA is not installed.

Although the comments in the Ubuntu bug indicate that Debian is not affected because it includes the exim MTA by default, using a Debian VServer only installs the most basic packages – no MTA. I encountered this bug today while I was working on a backup script for a Subversion repository that runs in a Debian-based VServer. I previously discussed svn backupsand my script was using the same svnadmin dump technique I mentioned in that post.

When I ran the backup script manually, everything worked as intended and it produced a ~1.3GB backup file; however, when it ran under cron, the backup file was only ~2MB. Since the simplest solution is usually the correct one, I didn't initially suspect a bug in cron as the problem and tried to troubleshoot my script/environment. I eventually found the two links I listed above, where others have encountered the same bug.

It appears that the bug in cron causes it to silently fail when too much output is directed to STDERR without an MTA being present. In the case of svn backups, using the "quiet" flag (-q) for svnadmin dump is a possible workaround. In other cases, either redirecting STDERR to /dev/null or setting MAILTO="" in /etc/default/cron seem to be valid workarounds.

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