dd-wrt on Buffalo WHR-HP-G54

Our old wireless router was dying, so I took the opportunity to buy a new one. After shopping around, I decided on a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54, a dd-wrt compatible, high-power MIMO router/access point.

If you're not familiar with dd-wrt, it is replacement firmware for wireless routers with advanced functions and a terrific interface. In less than 10 minutes, you can also replace the default firmware on your Buffalo WHR-HP-G54, by following the 5 steps below.

1) Change the IP address of your computer to, with a subnet mask of
2) Connect your computer to one of the LAN ports on the WHR-HP-G54 with an ethernet cable
3) Download a TFTP client
4) Download the dd-wrt software and save it to the same directory as the TFTP client you just downloaded. I used the generic Broadcom standard build of dd-wrt v24 RC3.
5) Copy and paste the following into a file named install.bat in the same directory as the TFTP client and firmware, and run it by double clicking on it. Then just follow the instructions provided by the batch file.

  1. @echo off</code>
  3. echo ============================================================================
  4. echo Type or paste the firmware filename below and then press Enter.
  5. echo.
  6. set /p dd-wrt_fn=Firmware Filename:
  7. echo.
  8. if not exist %dd-wrt_fn% goto FNF_ERROR
  9. echo ============================================================================
  10. echo This batch file will upload %dd-wrt_fn% in the current
  11. echo directory to during the router's bootup.
  12. echo.
  13. echo * Set your ethernet card's settings to:
  14. echo      IP:
  15. echo      Mask:
  16. echo      Gateway:
  17. echo * Unplug the router's power cable.
  18. echo.
  19. echo Press Ctrl+C to abort or any other key to continue . . .
  20. pause &gt; nul
  21. echo.
  22. echo * Re-plug the router's power cable.
  23. echo.
  24. echo ============================================================================
  25. echo Waiting for the router; Press Ctrl+C to abort . . .
  26. echo.
  27. :PING
  28. ping -n 1 -w 50 &gt; nul
  29. if errorlevel 1 goto PING
  30. echo tftp -i put %dd-wrt_fn%
  31. tftp -i put %dd-wrt_fn%
  32. if errorlevel 1 goto PING
  33. echo.
  34. echo ============================================================================
  35. echo * WAIT for about 2 minutes while the firmware is being flashed.
  36. echo * Reset your ethernet card's settings back to DHCP.
  37. echo * The default router address will be at
  38. echo.
  39. pause
  40. goto END
  41. :FNF_ERROR
  42. echo ============================================================================
  43. echo ERROR: Make sure this batch file and the firmware are in the same directory!
  44. echo.
  45. pause
  46. :END

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