Debian Lenny apt-cacher reporting bug

With the apt-cacher package in Debian Lenny, my web interface for the cache statistics wasn't being properly updated. Eventually, I tracked down the problem and figured out that I needed to modify the following section of to look like this:

#parse logfile:
foreach $logfile_line (@logdata)
        #$logfile_line =~ s/ /\+/g;
        @line = split /\|/, $logfile_line;
        $req_date = $line[0];
#       $req_pid = $line[1];
#       $req_ip   = $line[2];
        $req_result = $line[3];
        $req_bytes  = 0;
        $req_bytes  = $line[4] if $line[4] =~ /^[0-9]+$/;
#       $req_object = $line[5];

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