Atech Flash PROGear-G5 28-in-1 Card Reader Review

Since we purchased our 8MP Olympus E-500 digital SLR camera, Leila and I have been taking a lot more pictures. Transferring pictures from the digital camera takes a long time, so we bought a card reader. After a bit of research, we decided on one of the slightly more expensive ones we found – the Atech Flash PROGear-G5 28-in-1.

High quality JPEGs from our camera are about 5MB each. The transfer rate from the camera to computer is about 0.5MB/s, but with the new card reader our 1GB "Ultra II" card and 2GB "Extreme III" card transfer at 10MB/s and 15-20MB/s respectively. Although it was slightly more expensive than other card readers, the performance is definitely worth it. To transfer pictures off the camera previously took 20-30 minutes, while it now takes about a minute.

Atech Flash PROGear-G5 28-in-1

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