Disable New Search in Thunderbird 3.0

I use Thunderbird for my mail client, and have my client set to automatically update itself when new "Shredder" builds are released. A few days ago, my Thunderbird was updated to version 3.0b4 (beta 4). As of 3.0b4, Thunderbird has implemented a new globally indexed search feature called Gloda, which is turned on by default. After trying it for the past few days, I decided I preferred the old search behavior. To revert to the old search behavior, go to Tools->Options->Advanced and uncheck "Enable Global Search and Indexer", and then restart Thunderbird.

10 thoughts on “Disable New Search in Thunderbird 3.0

  1. David

    thank you very much!
    i thought i would always have to use this new search. couldn't find the option to turn it off by myself!
    thx! ♥

  2. Pominnz

    Thanks for sharing this information. I was almost ready to go back to v2 just so that I could get the old search feature back.

  3. m

    thank you, this has been bothering me. i have 2 computers, however: do you know where it is on the mac version? the menus are different, and i can't find it!

  4. Justin

    This isn't working for me. That option is already disabled in my 3.0.4 install of TB and I'm still stuck with this nasty new search. Any ideas? I'm going to turn it on, reload TB, and then turn it off again. See if that helps jar it loose.

  5. admin Post author

    @Justin Yeah, that's what I what suggest. Enable it, restart Thunderbird, disable it, and restart it again.

  6. Juanita Moore

    I did not know this had been changed for so long–guess I thought I was stuck with this (as previous poster called it) nasty search! It's been totally useless to me. Googled and found this page. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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