Best Firefox Extensions

Firefox is a web browser that many people use as an alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. There are a variety of reasons to use it, including enhanced security, speed, and customization via extensions. Some of my favorite Firefox extensions include:

  • Download Statusbar – Lets you view downloads in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window instead of having them open in a separate window.
  • Drag Drop Upload – Forms to upload files to sites are a hassle because you have to browse through folders to select a file.  Drag Drop Upload lets you drag a file onto the field and it takes care of finding the path.
  • Fasterfox – General performance and network tweaks for Firefox.
  • Firebug – In addition to Edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in any web page.
  • FireFTP – Provides an FTP client within a Firefox tab, which is a huge time saver compared to using a separate client.
  • Gspace – Although there are rumors of a Google storage service, it hasn't happened yet. Gmail Space provides an FTP-like interface for storing files in Gmail, so if you want to access a file from anywhere you can use Gmail, this is your tool.
  • IE Tab – Makes it possible to use Internet Explorer within a Firefox tab for sites that were designed only to work in Internet Explorer.
  • Snap Links – Hold down the right mouse button and you can select multiple links to open in a tab at a single time.  I frequently use this when browing sites like eBay and Craigslist.
  • View Source Chart – Lets you view a color-coded source code chart and collapse/expand code within tags, instead of relying on the plain/default Firefox source code view.

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