HP Officejet Pro L7680 Digital Filing with Samba

I recently switched a Windows server over to Linux, and needed a way to use the Digital Filing feature of an HP Officejet Pro 7680 (C8189A) to continue to provide users with the ability to scan to PDF.  Samba is a great tool which allows Linux machines to offer file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients, including any version of Windows.  I've used Samba frequently in the past, but had a hard time getting the Digital Filing feature on the L7680 working with it.  When I tried to initiate a scan to pdf with Digital Filing, I would get an error that the HP L7680 was unable to write to the Samba share, even though it was easily accessible and writable from any Windows XP or Vista desktop.

I tried changing various Samba configuration settings, including turning off oplocks (setting oplocks = false, and level 2 oplocks = false in smb.conf).  Unfortunately, none of those changes fixed the problem that the L7680 claimed it couldn't write to the Samba shared drive.

Finally, I decided to try changing from share-based security to user-based security in Samba ("security = user" vs "security = share" in smb.conf), which fixed the issue.  It seems the L7680 expects user-based security, and refuses to function under share-based security.  After changing the security type, setting up a Linux user, and running smbpasswd for the user, the L7680's Digital Filing worked as expected.

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  1. Nabil

    Your articles is very useful..Could you please publish the steps you were able to edit the conf file? I'm new to linux and do not know how to do that.
    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. admin Post author

    Login (or sudo) as the root user, and open the smb.conf file – I prefer nano, so at the command prompt I would type: nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

    Look for the line that says "security = …" and make sure it says "security = user".

    Then add a new samba user: smbpasswd -a sambauser

    And finally, create the password for the user: smbpasswd sambauser

  3. ks

    Great info, having the same issue, sort of, in that the digital filing sometimes works and sometimes i get an error message. Cannot connect check to see if pc is on.

    Our samba server is acting as a PDC for our windows network, and our security is set to user. the printer has its own user and such, any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. admin Post author

    @ks Sounds like the printer is having a problem communicating with the samba server, "sometimes". If it works and fails at different times, is there ever any useful info in the server logs? Can you correlate times when it fails to something in the logs? Is samba relying on remote storage (NFS, iSCSI, etc) that could be an underlying issue?

  5. ks

    Sorry, I wear many hats . Could you point me at what log files to look at and what I might be looking for? I've looked at them (the ones in /var/log/samba) and didn't find any reference to the printers user name (hpprint as i call it) or its ip address.

    No, no remote storage. The machine is acting as a Windows PDC though, in case that matters. 2 drives in it. 1 for day to day use and the other is a backup. I've found one reference to this behaviour (other than yours) on the hp forums but with out a resolution.

    Once again thanks for your help.

  6. JD

    This was very useful, although I wanted to have both guest shares and a user share for the fax.

    guest ok = yes
    security = user

    #for vista compatibility
    client lanman auth = no
    client ntlmv2 auth = yes

    guest account = nobody
    map to guest = Bad User

    then in my shares had

    public = yes
    only guest= yes
    writable = yes
    create mode = 644
    directory mode = 755

    public = yes
    only guest= yes
    writable = yes
    create mode = 666 # Let my guests control too.
    directory mode = 777

    I had fax under fileshare so everyone could access the fax.

    Of course this is for a small office, as soon as it grows, then everyone will have mapped user account. And fax would get group policies.

  7. JD

    Sorry copy paste issue on that previous post..

    [fax] #needed…
    public = no
    only guest= no
    writable = yes
    create mode = 666
    directory mode = 777
    users = fax

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