CompleteFusion Launch

The basic concept behind any fusion reaction is to bring two or more atoms close enough together that they fuse and become a single larger atom. CompleteFusion is dedicated to the fusion of technology, business, and life. By bringing these three elements close enough together to effectively "fuse" together and operate as a single entity, we can become more productive and gain greater control over our time.

Processing and filtering information is critical to being a productive member of a society, company, or family. Utilizing technology can improve the way we handle everyday activities. As a brief example, I read a wide variety of news on a daily basis. I also use Google frequently to search for information. Google's customizable, dynamically generated home pages, called iGoogle, represent the fusion of these two frequent activities.

On my customized iGoogle page, I have widgets that display the current top stories from news sites that interest me, my upcoming events on Google calendar, weather, and more. Since the news widgets are based on RSS feeds, I see new news items when they are available, without having to constantly monitor each site independently. Not only does this save time, it also makes it easier to keep track of more sources of news.

If you're interested in reading news through RSS, take a look at our RSS feed.

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