Sprint Employee Referral Offer Plans (SERO)

I found out about the Sprint Employee Referral Offer (SERO) program a while ago, but we were still locked into our contracts with Cingular/AT&T at the time. Since both of our previous contracts expire in December, I started the tedious process of investigating plans and phones again. Although AT&T's iPhone is tempting, its plans are not. Eventually, sanity won out and we decided to go with Sprint's SERO program. With SERO, there are no "family plans", so each line needs to have a separate plan. Since I typically use less minutes than Leila, I ended up getting a 500 minute/month plan for $29.99, and she got one with 1250 minutes/month for $49.99. Each plan includes unlimited 3G data access, unlimited text messaging, and free nights/weekends starting at 7pm.

I'll post again with more details about our new phones, the HTC Mogul, soon.

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