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I love living on the edge with new technology, as long as it can improve my life in some way. Until recently, I wasn't very excited about Twitter, since I didn't think it served much of a purpose. After all, Facebook has "status updates" too, right? Recently, the hosting company I use for CompleteFusion experienced an electrical outage in their data center, and I thought Twitter might yield some helpful information since its "real-time search" technology is frequently hyped. Initially, I didn't know the reason for the outage, and wasn't able to reach the hosting company's site to find out any details because the outage had affected the whole data center. After a quick search on Twitter, I found out a few more details and began sharing information with several other people who were using the same host.

Since I found it useful, I've decided to start regularly using Twitter. For example, I'm now announcing new CompleteFusion posts on Twitter using Jeroen Boelle's twimp-wp, a WordPress plugin for Twitter and

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