Sprint Mogul by HTC Review

Leila and I recently switched cell phone carriers from Cingular/AT&T to Sprint. Since our old phones (Razr v3 and Samsung T509) were GSM-based, they wouldn't work on Sprint's CDMA network. The plans we signed up for with Sprint include unlimited data, so we definitely wanted to get an EVDO (3G)-capable phone. Initially, I got a Treo 755p; unfortunately, its square (320×320) screen and aging PalmOS didn't impress me. Although I loved the form factor and keyboard, its inability to multi-task was a killer for me. Leila had previously decided to get the Sprint Mogul by HTC, and after checking out the available phones and reading tons of reviews, I also decided to get the Mogul.

Sprint Mogul by HTC


  1. General: 400MHz CPU, Windows Mobile 6, 2MP camera, 5.8oz
  2. Data options: Wi-Fi, EVDO/3G, Bluetooth
  3. Memory: 64MB RAM, 256MB Storage, MicroSD slot

Notes: The Mogul comes with a 512MB MicroSD card, we each upgraded to a 4GB MicroSDHC Kingston card from NewEgg for $27.49.

One of the things I love about the Mogul is how easy it is to add or change functionality by installing programs. Here are a few of the programs I've installed and am currently using:

  1. Google Maps
  2. Adobe Flashlite
  3. TCPMP
  4. WkTask
  5. ELF Calculator Skin
  6. HTC WMP Touch Skin
  7. Finster869 WM6 RDP
  8. xda-developers HTC Cube

Most of these programs can be found on XDA-Developers, and the rest can be found via Google.

Also, several system tweaks have been useful in improving responsiveness and performance. The biggest benefit so far has come from removing two files from the My DeviceWindowsStartup folder: htc_cm_guardian and dddaemon. I haven't experienced any problems after removing these two files, but you may want to simply move them out of the Startup folder instead of removing them entirely. XDA-Developers is a great site for cell phone information, and was where I originally found the suggestion to remove those two files.

One thought on “Sprint Mogul by HTC Review

  1. tom

    FYI… the Palm 755p screen is 320×320.

    I would love to hear your experience with the mogul. I'm thinking of switching from my 755p too.

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