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Now on Twitter

I love living on the edge with new technology, as long as it can improve my life in some way. Until recently, I wasn't very excited about Twitter, since I didn't think it served much of a purpose. After all, Facebook has "status updates" too, right? Recently, the hosting company I use for CompleteFusion experienced an electrical outage in their data center, and I thought Twitter might yield some helpful information since its "real-time search" technology is frequently hyped. Initially, I didn't know the reason for the outage, and wasn't able to reach the hosting company's site to find out any details because the outage had affected the whole data center. After a quick search on Twitter, I found out a few more details and began sharing information with several other people who were using the same host.

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The Eight Best WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular pieces of blogging software, and its definitely has a lot of functionality. Even if you don't know HTML or PHP, it isn't hard to learn the basics of WordPress. It took me about four hours to get my first WordPress blog set up, including finding plugins to implement additional features, searching for a theme I liked, creating various graphics in Photoshop, and modifying the theme/plugins to suit my needs. Since then, I've created several additional blogs/sites using WordPress. I've also come up with a standard list of widgets and plugins I install:

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CompleteFusion Launch

The basic concept behind any fusion reaction is to bring two or more atoms close enough together that they fuse and become a single larger atom. CompleteFusion is dedicated to the fusion of technology, business, and life. By bringing these three elements close enough together to effectively "fuse" together and operate as a single entity, we can become more productive and gain greater control over our time.

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